Xero Health Check

Xero Health Check


Xero Health Check is our brand new service to those of you doing your own Xero bookkeeping.

There are a million different ways to set up and use Xero and there are better ways than others depending on your business.

Having looked after hundreds of small businesses on Xero, we know what does and does NOT work on the Xero platform.

Read on to find out what’s included in our data health check

  1. What is a Xero Health Check?
  2. What’s included in the check?
  3. How Much Does the Xero Health Check cost?
  4. How do I order?

What is a Xero Health Check?

Our “Xero Health Check” is a deep dive into the quality and setup of your xero data and account.

What makes Xero a fantastic platform is its ability to suit a wide range of businesses in terms of industry, size and unique setup. This also makes it very easy to mess up! – Andy Middler, CEO

Without proper knowledge of accounting, you can easily create recurring mistakes in your xero audit trail.

What kind of problems can occur?


Incorrect tax rates

Well you can configure your tax rates wrong and under or overpay VAT very (seen and fixed this for a business in the past).


Incorrect setup of automations

With Xero automations like Bank rules and recurring invoices, a simple mistake can repeat over and over again.


Incorrect DocX files

Improper setup of your custom invoice design can omit vital data that is legally required by HMRC to show on each and every one of your sales invoices.


Mis-dated transactions

Dates! A simple mistake as it’s quite easy to select the wrong date on transactions (remember how hard it is to remember the new year in January and February 😄 ).

Simply locking the transaction data after each quarter can avoid this.


And more…

There’s also incorrect setup of the stock functionality, incorrect setup of the Fixed asset register, miscoded transactions, incorrect bank rules, incorrect tax rates, incorrect opening balance adjustments and so on.

That’s just to get the data correct!

We can then look at your processes for getting data into Xero and look for better, faster and easier ways of doing so.


What’s included in the check?

Our Xero Health Check service will include all the following checks:

  • Fixed Asset Register setup check
  • Stock function setup check
  • Chart of Accounts review & recommendation
  • Opening balance check
  • Expense Claim function cleanup and check
  • Review of manual journals
  • Review of old outstanding invoices & bills
  • Review of tax settings
  • Review of VAT settings
  • Review of published reports
  • Improvement to Email templates
  • Review of recurring bank rules
  • Thorough review of your Xero Audit Trail

And you will also receive the following

  • A full report of our findings & actions to take
  • A 30 minute call with one of our account managers to discuss in more detail

The end result should be a clean Xero setup with clean, correct data and a happy business owner!


How Much Does the Xero Health Check cost?

Only £80+VAT 

If you become a client of middlers this will be provided free of charge or the charge refunded if you join us at a later date.

See below for details on how to order your xero data health check.


How Do I order?

Click the order button below to enter your details and make payment, then invite us to your Xero account using the instructions in the thank you page (also emailed to you after purchase)

One of our account managers will give you a call to discuss your business in further detail before carrying out the health check.