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What is Roundup?

Running a small business is one of the toughest jobs in the world, especially during those early years. Having a firm grasp of your business finances is one of the easiest ways to simplify decision making as better data ultimately leads to better decisions.

Spreadsheets were the old tool of choice but they are difficult to keep up to date and easy to make a mess of! Roundup by middlers shows you real-time data with beautiful visuals so you have a live view of your business finances.

  • Small businesses that have a plan are more successful
  • Keep track of your short term and long term cash. Vital for a growing business.
  • View the effects of different scenarios easily
  • The effortless way to manage your business

Live data

A live view of your business financials and performance, available all year round and optimised for mobile. Make better business decisions with your enhanced understanding of your business.

Future Focused

See round the corner with forecasted data and scenario modeling features that easily answer complex questions like "What will cash look like in 6 months if we hire another employee?"

Bespoke to you

Generic dashboards? No, not here. We build dashboards that answer the vital questions you and your business need to know the answers to. Work with your account manager to build dashboards that matter.

“Having a firm grasp of your business finances is one of the easiest ways to simplify business decision making”
– Andy Middler, CEO of middlers

Business Growth made effortless

One of the hardest parts of business growth is making decisions. Can we afford this? Should we invest in that? What if this happens?!

The roundup platform will show you the effects of best and worst case scenarios on cash and profits, shown in easy to digest visual dashboards.

Your account manager will work with you to build forecasted visuals that easily answer those growth questions preventing your business growth.

Check out what Sam and Ellie from Virtalent.com had to say about how Roundup has helped their business grow >>>

“..its been a complete game changer…”
– Ellie, co founder of Virtalent

Frequently asked questions

Find out what you need to know about roundup

No, not at all! We connect your online bookkeeping data from Xero, Quickbooks etc. pull in any applicable data from third party sources etc. We do all the heavy lifting!

Business can be confusing and there can be multiple ways to get to your ultimate destination. Just like a sat nav, if there is a roadblock ahead, a new route will calculate. That’s what your scenarios are for. We create a base forecast (what we think is going to happen) and then we can create different forecasts for best or worst case scenarios and compare those to the base forecast. E.g The best and worst case scenario of taking on a new employee, best and worst case scenario of investing in that new machinery. Whatever question you are trying to answer we call that a scenario, plan it out and show you the results visually!

As often as you like! The data is live fed from your bookkeeping and we do the heavy lifting at the start to make it live automatically. Our clients tend to use the platform to facilitate their weekly/monthly meetings and make reporting on business performance over the previous period a doddle.

Every client of middlers receives access to the roundup platform as part of their done for you package. Extra customisation, scenario modelling and forecasts can be purchased as and when needed to help grow your business.

Obviously all your standard financial data will be brought through so you can see key metrics like month on month revenue, month on month expenses. These can be interlinked to create valuable answers to questions like “How much is our advertising spend a percentage of sales?” and “What percentage of sales did we spend on wages?”.

We can also pull in third party or custom data to really build visuals that matter to you. If you are a technology SAAS we can include your subscriber statistics to show charts for things like Churn Rate. Service company, we can show how your website traffic correlates to new sales etc.

The options are pretty endless and as self professed geeks we’re always finding smarter ways to include valuable metrics for your business.

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