Meet Autoentry 🤝 your receipt scanning app

Receipt Scanning is the modern way to provide your business receipts to your accountant.

Previously, maybe you filed your receipts into monthly order, ready for dropping off at the accountant. With receipt scanning, you scan as you go so you can get rid of all the paper-based records.

It’s super simple to use, here’s the steps involved in using the mobile app:

There’s also an email-in option, for any receipts/invoices you are receiving by email from your suppliers and you can scan and upload straight to the website. Whatever method floats you boat – once you’ve got your receipts into the inbox, that’s your bit done.

From there we take care of it all, we will categorise the expense, assign the relevant VAT code, select the payment method and process to your online bookkeeping software.

All your scanned receipts are backed up safely, available when you need them. We’ll provide all your setup and training aswell as free unlimited support.