A quick guide to get you up and running with providing your records to us digitally.


There are now hundreds of apps that allow you to scan from directly from your smartphone to email or cloud storage.

Here’s some of our tried and tested favourites:

If you have a Google drive account you can actually use the app to scan directly to a folder of your choosing. Whilst not the best performing scanner it does give you a quick and free option that’s handy if you already use google drive for cloud storage.

Google Drive – google play store
Google Drive – apple app store

One of the most popular scanning apps available on Android and iOS. Whilst there is a pro version of the app available, the free version does the job just fine.

Scanbot – google play store
Scanbot – apple app store

Our current favourite app of choice for mobile scanning. This free app seems to auto crop (remove the background around your paperwork) better than then other apps. This allows for faster scanning of bulk paperwork as you’re not constantly readjusting the crop lines. Once finished scanning you scan export all the scanned pages as one document in PDF format and email the file straight over to us.

Notebloc – google play store
Notebloc – apple app store

If you save your files to a Google drive folder you can share the whole folder with us by following the steps instructions:
Share folders in Google Drive

If your file is larger than your email providers limit you could use a file transfer solution such as Firefox Send. Firefox Send let’s you share files with end to end encryption and a link that automatically expires.


The above scanning apps are intended for smaller businesses and individuals who provide small amount of receipts at the end of each year.

If you would like more robust options please speak to your account manager about our live digital bookkeeping solutions. From customised online invoicing solutions to card payment facilities and automatic receipt capturing, we can get you up and running with a setup that works for you and your business.

Speak to your account manager for more details or drop us an email at [email protected]


If you would rather post your physical records and let us take care of them then simply send them via recorded post to the following address:



If you have troubles or queries drop us a message at [email protected]