Twitter Business Roundup – 7th Oct

Every few weeks we curate some interesting tweets from the sharpest minds in the world of business, making it that little bit easier for you to stay up to date 🙌

Here’s what we found:

Larry Kim on another, often forgotten use for social media:

Jason Fried (a favourite here) on waiting:

Gary Vee on the importance of not stressing:

In the same vain, Ryan Holiday on why your core work should be your top priority:

An artist’s job is to create masterpieces. Period. Everything else is secondary.

Larry Kim again this time on innovation:

Jeffrey Gitomer with his classic sales mantra:

A good read to help with dealing with our ever increasing stress:

Likeable on taking risks with your brand:

Ray Dalio on personal habits:

And last but not least, Southwests Herb Kelleher on the importance of understanding your metrics:

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